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This page contains Links to websites and online resources that tell the story of Edmund Ignatius Rice, Irish business man, prominent citizen and founder of the Christian Brothers and Presentation Brothers Religious Congregations. These two Congregations are gradually developing into an Edmund Rice Network which is much wider in scope and membership. There are also a number of related links. [Note some content may have been moved/deleted since last update]

Oceania Edmund Rice ResourcesEdmund Rice

Edmund Rice Network News (West Australia)-- [-2013. Archive issues include South Australian News]
Edmund Rice: Charity giver or also social justice activist?  By Peter Hardiman cfc
Edmund Rice, from Merchant to Mentor - Daire Keogh - Radio National Transcript [Click on show transcript]
Christian Brothers - Selection of inspiration from Australian Christian Brothers by Matthew D Williams written 2012 (A very large 7MB pdf)

This painting of Blessed Edmund Rice was displayed hanging in large form overlooking the Piazza in front of St Peter's Rome for the Beatification ceremony. Elements of it are highly symbolic. The statue of Mary and the Christ child remind us of his devotion to Our Lady. The blonde-haired Mary represents his daughter Mary and their close relationship. The boy beside her reminds us of Edmund's care for 'Black Johnny'-- as well as the Christian Brother and Presentation Brother call to other countries. The books indicate Edmund's passion for and belief in education for all. The open Bible emphasises Edmund's religious motivations in hs life and work. The illustrated capital letters on the open page symbolise his Celtic culture and spirituality (Book of Kells). The two crests bottom right are of the two Religious Orders he founded - The Presentation Brothers and the Christian Brothers. Edmund is depicted wearing a cravat (ties date from the late nineteenth century) rather than a roman collar indicating that he had founded Orders of Religious Brothers and not Religious Priests. The view through the window is of the River Suir, the wharves, boats and merchant buildings which provided the wealth that Edmund, a successful businessman, applied to his work of charity and education. The bridge was replaced (1982-1986) and named the Edmund Rice Bridge.
-- 'Black Johnny': Along the Waterford Quay, Edmund noticed a troubled lad on a sailing ship. He enquired of the captain, and finding he was a slave purchased his freedom. Initially the Presentation Sisters cared for him. Later Edmund helped him establish a piggery business and home. Johnny later built a second house. On his death he left the houses to the Sisters and Edmund.

International - Edmund Rice Resources:

Edmund Ignatius Rice
- Catholic Encyclopedia?
The Edmund Rice Icon
- Explanation, Symbolism, Powerpoint and video.
The Edmund Rice Icon - Direct Link to Powerpoint Presentation above. (Third tab below title)
Edmund Ignatius Rice - Wikipedia
Edmund Rice Ireland - International Heritage Centres
Saint of the Day - May 5th -
How Edmund Rice became Blessed - Iona College Website
Edmund Rice - An Artist's View - Edmund's Story with images in colour by Norberto Pasquilini
Edmund Rice Life and Timeline (dates) - Timeline of Life of Edmund Rice

Some other links:

Br Nick Bilich R.I.P. - Artist and Artisan
Br Pat Mohen R.I.P. - Poet
Brother Ambrose Treacy from Australian Dictionary of Biography
Brother Ambrose Treacy - From Oceania Website
Big Brother Celebrating in 2012 the 250th anniversary of birth of Blessed Edmund Rice (1762) and the 100th anniversary of the death of Br Ambrose Treacy (1912). [Selection from a presentation by Matthew D Williams for Parade College].
Br Paul Noonan Formation Centre, Tamale, Ghana -
Christian Brothers Europe -
Some Photos - Karibu 2006 - Kenya
Some Photos - Karibu 2005 - Kenya - Goal operations, Nairobi

Some Resources no longer online or have moved:

The Founding of the Irish Christian Brothers: Navigating the realities through the myths?- by Denis McLaughlin.
"A school like Rice's school" The beginning of Edmund Rice Education?- Denis McLaughlin (Australia EJournal of Theology, October 2006).
"The Education Charism of Blessed Edmund Rice" - Denis McLaughlin (Australian EJournal of Theology, Pentecost 2006).
Edmund Rice: Restoring the Circle to the Celtic Cross by Peter Hardiman cfc. Online publication of the Introduction, Chapter 1 and Chapter 6 (pdf) 2009
Edmund Rice Resources  Peter Hardiman & Paul Jacobs
Description of Images in the Edmund Rice Icon
Symbolism in the Edmund Rice Icon
Student Activities Edmund Rice
Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice - - [St Dominic's College Website]
Trnity College, History and Heritage - [Trinity College Perth]

Two Poems
"The Price of Freedom: Educational Leader Edmund Rice"- By Denis McLaughlin [Review in Eureka St]
Blessed Edmund Rice - Edmund Rice Christian Brothers North America Website
Edmund Rice - Catholic Memorial College, USA
Brother Patrick Ambrose Treacy - Enterprising Immigrant -
Brother Ambrose Treacy - Founder Australia
- [PDF]
Brother Ambrose Treacy From CBC Adelaide Website - -

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